Posham Pa: A journey of self-discovery

Popular TV actress Ragini Khanna, recently made her debut in the web space with Zee5's film Posham Pa. In an exclusive interview with Millennium Post, she talks about the shooting experience, depth of her character & much more...

With mystery and thrillers being all over the web, what drew you towards this particular film?

As soon as I got the role, I readily agreed to become a part of the team. With this project, I got the opportunity to work with Suman Mukhopadhyay, who is a highly skilled professional and a National Award-Winning Director.

Secondly, the chance to explore an altogether different side of me, by essaying the role of sociopath serial killer in the film, was something I wanted to do for long.

For me, working on this project, and playing the character of a girl, who has gone through an extreme life and death row, was a journey of self-discovery.

Since the story is based on true events, were there any difficulties or challenges you faced while portraying such an intense character?

Yes, it has been extremely challenging because a character like Shikha is not something you get to find on a daily basis, not even once in a blue moon, unless and until you are a documentarian or a lawyer. It is difficult to understand the mind set of a psychological serial killer. Therefore, it requires immense amount of imagination.

Apart from that, I researched, read similar cases, and asked plenty of questions to the director in order to get a clearer reference for my character.

The story is based on a real incident. To what extent has it been fictionalised?

Being a feature film, we have borrowed a few sections of the real events and fictionalised them to a certain extent for the visualisation and scripting of the story. But the core of the film is extremely authentic.

Did you have any inhibitions about your character in the web-film?

Getting to play a criminal in the film, was absolutely against my popular 'bubbly' image on-screen. On the first day of shoot, I was very nervous, I had doubts if the audience will accept me in this role or not.

How was your experience working with Mahi Gill and Sayani Gupta?

Having seen their past works, I was intrigued to know their working process. I had watched Mahi in Paan Singh Tomar and Sayani in Parched and I found their performance to be amazing.

Also, I found it interesting to work with people who have different thought process than mine.

Which genre do you wish to explore next?

I would love to work in every genre possible. But especially, as I go through my past roles, I have analysed that I am yet to discover the love story in me. Besides that, I have discovered the good side, bad side and the funny side.

After working in this industry for a decade, can you point out your strengths and weaknesses as an artist?

As an artist, I lose objectivity while I am filming. When I portray a particular character, I start thinking from the character's perspective and condition my mind to think the character's outlook. Unless I am not asked to rectify things by directors, I can't sit in front of the monitor and critically self-direct myself.

You have worked in various projects and every project comes with some sort of responsibility. How do you handle the pressure?

When I was only 12, my mother taught me the art of meditation. And only because of that, I can handle a lot of shortcomings and tragedies in life.

Also the experience of working on television for long – which teaches you to work under extreme circumstances – helped me in certain ways.

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