A Glimpse Into The Universe Of Breathtaking Motion Graphics

A Glimpse Into The Universe Of Breathtaking Motion Graphics

River Comics, India's first and only motion graphics app with voiceovers and music, enthralled audiences at the biggest pop-culture celebration, 'Delhi Comic Con 2022' from December 9 to December 11. This was another impressive turnout after the 'Bengaluru Comic Con'.

Audiences at the 'River Comics' stall in Delhi were introduced to the universe of breath-taking motion graphics, fun games, merchandise and much more while also winning exciting gifts and prizes. The 'River Comics' experience included an adrenaline-pumping performance by 'Bombay Lokal', a well-known hip-hop collective that includes hip-hop artists Gravity, Shaikhspeare, Farhaan Khan and 'Beatboxers', 'D-Cypher' and 'BeatRAW'. The award-winning collective was featured on 'MTV Hustle 2.0' and the movie 'Gully Boy' stole the show on December 10.

Japan M Thakar, CEO and founder of 'River Comics', said, "We are happy that we could win the hearts of the people of 'Dilwalon ki Delhi'. 'River Comics' is unique and there is nothing like it out there and our audience resonated with this incredible experience the app provides. Similarly, 'Bombay Lokal' is unique in what they do and this collaboration had them compose and produce a special theme song for the application and its fans. We also had the world premiere of our two brand-new series, 'Barcode' and 'Venus on Earth'."

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