94% middle school teachers suffer high stress levels: Study

Teachers and parents, please take a note. Researchers have found that 94 per cent of middle school teachers experience high levels of stress, which could contribute to negative outcomes for the students.

Reducing the burden of teaching, experienced by so many teachers, is critical to improving student success – both academically and behaviourally, the research added.

The study, which expands on work that looks at stress among elementary school teachers, provides additional evidence that teacher-stress might lead to negative outcomes for the students.

"Unfortunately, our findings suggest many teachers are not getting the support they need to adequately cope with the stressors of their jobs," said researcher Keith Herman from the University of Missouri in the US.

"The evidence is clear that teacher stress is related to student success, so it is critical that we find ways to reduce stressful school environments while also helping teachers cope with the demands of their jobs," Herman added.

Factors analysed included self-reported levels of teacher stress and coping, student disruptive and pro-social behaviour, and parent involvement.

The researchers found that nearly all teachers reported high stress. The largest group, 66 per cent, reported high stress and high coping. Nearly one third of the participants, 28 per cent, reported high stress and low coping. According to the study, only six per cent of middle school teachers reported low levels of stress and high coping ability.

"There are tools that can help screen and identify teachers who might be at risk for problems related to stress," Herman said.

"Knowing how teacher stress can impact students, it is imperative that district and school leaders examine policies and practices that make the job less burdensome while also supporting teachers' well-being," he added.

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