60% of Indians do not wear right gym shoes: Survey

Sixty five per cent of people in India are aware about the difference between a running and training shoe, yet when asked close to 60 per cent of those people do not wear the right shoes to the gym, says a new survey.

The survey shows that more than 80 per cent people workout at least every alternate day. However, only 73 per cent of that set own specific shoes for gym.

71% of women use same shoes for running as gym, while overall atleast 40% use separate pair for gym from running, it says.

Women were more likely to spurge on shoes in 1k-5k category. However, men were more likely to buy shoes frequently than women, says the survey.

The survey was conducted to understand the awareness amongst consumers about the right shoes that should be worn to the gym. It observed consumers across Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

The survey revealed that men tend to buy shoes more frequently than women, and when women do buy shoes, it is in the range of 1K- 5K. If you are one of those gym goers who splurge on their shoes, you are a part of a mere 6 per cent of the total universe.

Experts have agreed that wearing right gear is as important as the workout itself. However, the survey show how people are unaware about the difference between running and training shoes.

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