10 beauty trends to sizzle

If you are bored of your daily basic makeup look, add a little spice to it. Read on to know what’s trending at the moment and how to get it

If you are looking for makeup inspiration to kick the night off with a bottle of bubbly and your significant other, we have some trending looks to play around for your any day and night out.

Neutral Nudes

A super easy and understated look for the night, subtle nude is one of the biggest trends making a comeback from the 90s and looks flattering on anyone.

To get this look, prep your face with a good hydrating primer, and use a foundation in the right shade and conceal. Once the base is done, bake the makeup with a pinch of setting powder. Highlight and contour those cheekbones to shine through the night.

Smoke Show

A well-done smokey eye never goes out of style. Keep your ensemble and hair simple to match the bold black hues of the eye shadow.

Prep your face with a hydrating face cream and under-eye serum. Since the eyes are in focus, make sure you conceal fine under-eye lines and start with a generous serving of kohl on the upper eyelid. For a smouldering effect, use a long-lasting matt lipstick in shades of deep red, burgundy or nude.

Radiant Pinks

To achieve that inner radiant beauty use hues of pink. Highlight your cheekbones in a C to complement your shimmering eyes. This self-proclaimed Barbie-pink look is sure to be a showstopper for the night. While it is a look that primarily utilises one colour, remember that you can always use different shades of pink in this style.

Berry Blush

A classic red and pink makeup is always a safe bet because it works really well. However, for an offbeat mix of colours, use unconventional shades such as purple. While bold purple and burgundy lips may not be everyone's cup of tea, it sure is a striking colour theme.

For this look, use a mix of soft pink and purple eye shadow to highlight the lids. Use mascara to define those luscious lashes and ditch the kohl.

Peachy Punch

A soft, mellow take on the monochrome peach is perfect for days. Use the same eye shadow, lipstick and blush for an even undertone of peach. Soft eyes with a tint of peach over both lids and under the eyes add a subtle tone of old-world glam.

Brazen Bold

For a head-turning bold look, don't shy on going all out with your makeup. The combination of a dramatic winged cat eye and bold dark red lips is just drop-dead gorgeous. Keep your face clean and blush minimal. Highlight your cheekbones and nose for a stunning V-cut. Use a creamy red lipstick that will stay with you as you pout through the night. With a look so bold, keep your hair combed back slick and jewellery minimal.

Modern Metallic

But instead of going the extra mile with all things glittery, stick to a modern romantic, metallic look. A soft pink palate for the cheeks will pop under the highlighted cheekbones. Use the same shimmer near your tear ducts to make them pop. A soft pink and brown metallic eye palate will accentuate well against a deep black liner on the upper eyelids.

A Royal Touch

A contemporary approach to a traditional smokey eye, this look involves mixing colours like blue and purple.

Vibrant blue eyes blended with a tint of violet will create a striking look. Use a generous layer of kohl to highlight the eyes and mascara to add definition to the lashes. Make sure you keep the rest of your makeup minimal to really highlight this look. Keep the lips shiny with a nude lip-gloss.

Sunset Eyes

This look is all about the eyes. Dust on some white eye shadow to prep your lids as you begin. Swipe a shimmer of white glitter around the tear ducts and slowly blend hues of pink and orange throughout the lids. Add drama to your lashes by curling them out and keep your makeup minimal. Finish off the look with soft pink lips for the night.ians

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