Farrell was nervous about Total Recall

Actor Colin Farrell says was he was nervous about working in the remake of sci-fi film Total Recall until director Len Wiseman showed him how different it was from the 1990 movie.

In Total Recall, the 36-year-old plays the lead role of Douglas Quaid, originally played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

‘I loved Arnold in the original Total Recall, which I saw when I was 15 or 16. There were some funny one liners, there were some great action sequences and really fun performances from Arnold and Sharon Stone. So when I was approached about a new version, I was dubious,’ quoted Farrell as saying.

‘But although the characters exist within the same story frame and are battling with the same conceptual elements, they’re very different characters, and for me that was a relief,’ added Farrell.
Even Wiseman wanted to avoid many similarities with the original film, and admits he had no interest in simply remaking the movie with modern effects.

‘I had no interest in just remaking Paul Verhoeven’s film with updated effects. And I didn’t want to do another version of Arnold Schwarzenegger,’ said the director.
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