Failed live-in relationships leading to rapes, say police

At least 25 <g data-gr-id="28">per cent</g> of 1,656 rape cases registered so far have been because of failed live-in relationships or refusal to marry, said police commissioner BS Bassi.

A total of 1,656 rape cases <g data-gr-id="36">have</g> been registered by the police up to September 30 this year. These include 25.31 percent (419) cases, in which the accused were in a live-in relationship or refused to marry, reveals the Delhi Police data.

With the growing population, the number of rape cases and their nature <g data-gr-id="35">have</g> also changed. 

As per the police data, the number of rape cases per 1 lakh people in the national Capital averaged 3.09 in 2010, while till September 2015 it increased to 12.21.

As far as <g data-gr-id="24">victim-accused</g> relationship is concerned, friends or family’s friends figure in the highest number of rape cases registered in the city.

A total of 644 rape cases (38.89 per cent) involved accused as victim’s friends or friends of her family, registered by <g data-gr-id="33">police</g> till September 30 this year. Neighbours and relatives were accused in 281 and 233 cases respectively, the data showed.

Safety and security <g data-gr-id="41">is</g> the police’s priority and it has ensured that no crime against women goes unreported, Bassi said. 

“We focus on <g data-gr-id="40">professional</g> investigation of such cases. Of the total of 1,656 rape cases registered till September 30, we worked out 1,260 cases. The number of cases which were worked out within a week of FIR <g data-gr-id="38">were</g> 781 while 186 cases were worked out in a couple of weeks," he said.
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