Extra pounds? Try monochromes

I have a dark complexion, but love pastel shades. How can I make use of pastels in day wear without looking gawky?

You are just sticking to a myth. The name of your best friend should be ivory! Pastels with water down effect on sheer background will bring out the beauty of dark tones. And what you need to stick to pastel shades is confidence.

Only then can you see everything else falling in place.

I have a four-month-old baby. I am still not back in shape and have a bulging tummy and heavy arms. My profession demands me to attend various parties. What kind of dresses should I wear?

Asymmetric dresses and monochromes can be your only trend till you lose those extra pounds. Diagonal or straight stripes can also break through your round shape now. Drape, Drawstring and flowy silhouettes can help you out. However, try and avoid centrally placed prints, empire line dresses and anything to do with colour blocking.

I am fair. But I am very depressed since I have a flat chest. At times I end up looking like a man. How to look feminine in regular clothes?

The trick is to shift the attention from your bust to the waist. High-waisted trousers and skirts can be your saviour. Team them with subtle floral prints or with feminine shades. A slight texture or gather in the front of shirt will work in your favour. Try tucking your shirts in for a fuller hip.

I am going for my honeymoon this month. Since I am petite, the coats seem to dominate my entire frame. What would be the right type of clothing for me to invest in?

Petite is a blessing since your options are endless. If you go for a fitted top, stick to a voluminous bottom with layers and frills. Avoid using flats, stick to boxy heels and wedges. Playing around with scarves, interesting leggings and statement accessories will give you a nice definition. Short and trendy jackets are also good options.

I have a straight frame and a wheatish complexion. How do I add curves to my body? Can you help me with the colour selection?

Sheer is in. You can very well team sheer with lightweight clothes. A loose bottom and tighter tops will give some curve to your body. With your skin tone, funky colours will go well, but just don’t overdo it.

Despite having heavy thighs and hips I am completely in love with skirts. My height is 5ft 9 inches. What kind of skirts should I wear? Also how do I look proportionate?

You are blessed with lovely height which will allow you to pull off skirts. Stay away from panelled or flared skirts. A jumpsuit will also be great for your frame. And colour blocking is a good fashion trend to follow with this height. A-line and dark colour skirts are the best options to hide those woobly thighs.

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