'Writers, filmmakers must put out more stories of women heroes'

Mumbai: Actor Gul Panag, who recently featured in the web series 'Rangbaaz Phirse', says writers and filmmakers need to put out more stories of women heroes because there are enough stories of women heroes in society. She adds that such a step would have a multiplying effect on society.

"There are enough female stories out there that should be told because male heroes in the world are enough and many. I just feel symbolically, given all that we are going through as a nation and in the overall development stage of our nation, we need to put out more stories of women heroes because there are enough stories and there are enough women heroes. I feel the kind of heroes we create will in turn impact the kind of society we have. As filmmakers, it's a huge responsibility on our shoulders to create the kind of heroes we want to see in society," said Gul, at a promotional event organised by Zee5 for the show 'Rangbaaz Phirse' that was also attended by her co-actor Spruha Joshi and director Sachin Pathak.

Her new show 'Rangbaaz Phirse' is about a young guy who falls through the cracks because of politics. He is robbed of his youth, which subsequently ruins his life. It is about misguided manipulative youth. The nine-episode series highlights how an individual is not born as a criminal but becomes one because of circumstances.

Talking about the audience response to 'Rangbaaz Phirse', Gul said: "I just want to say on behalf of 'Rangbaaz Phirse' team that we are grateful to the audience that they watched and appreciated our show. I would like to congratulate Sachin (Pathak), the director. I think it was a massive production that he carried on his shoulders while keeping everybody happy and that is a tough task."

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