'Would want to play LADY SINGHAM'

The 26-year old Sonam Bajwa is open to the idea of doing action movies in near future

Giving a neck-to-neck competition to their male counterparts in the industry, female actors around the world are trying their hands in different (male-dominated) genres – sci-fi, action, etc. And, to further establish some sort of parity in the entertainment industry and prove that females are no less capable, Sonam Bajwa is willing to do some action sequences on-screen.

Speaking about upcoming project – Punjabi remake of Singham, which also features Parmish Verma as the male lead, Sonam says, "For the first time, I got to work in an action film, and it was altogether a different experience for me to watch people put up so much effort to make everything look realistic."

"Having said that, I did not perform any action scenes, but I am more than willing to do it someday," shares the actor, who would want to play the role of 'lady Singham' in future.

Sharing her experience of working in a remake, Bajwa says that despite being a remake of the Bollywood film, this film has its own charm.

"As it is a remake, some kind of modifications are done according to the Punjabi audience. Also, I feel that the director, cameraman, and everyone attached to this project knew what they wanted from the actors, how they wanted the scenes to be."

"It felt like everyone already knew what they want Punjabi Singham to look like," mentions the actor, who looks forward to a positive response from the audience.

Sonam says that as a team, there was no nervousness or pressure, but there was a sense of 'responsibility' to deliver justice to the Singham franchise.

The actor also reveals that the essence of the film has been kept intact, which is action. "Just like the original Singham, it is a hardcore action film, which has small bits of romance, comedy, and drama in it too," she adds.

The 26-year-old actor, who has proved her calibre in Tamil, Hindi and Punjabi cinema over the years, feels that making a place in Punjabi industry is difficult than all.

"I think being in Punjabi industry, one requires to know the language (unlike others). As in Punjab, if you do not know the language, the audience does not accept you. People here need to feel that you are their own, you belong here," she says.

The actor also expresses her openness for the opportunities in Bollywood.

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