'Would choose acting over singing'

After trying to get into the film industry since a long time, Pamish Verma finally got a chance to give his first audition in 2009. In the year 2011, he signed a film in which he just had two dialogues.

But the actor-turned singer Parmish, who has many songs like 'Gaal Ni Kadni', and 'Sab Fade Jange' to his credit wanted to make it big. So, he decided to come up with his music video 'Zimmewaari Bhook te Durri' in 2014 that talks about a college drop out who struggled in a foreign country in the hope to make a living for himself.

Since then, the actor has even been immensely appreciated and loved not only for his songs but his acting skills as well. "Even before I started singing songs, I came up with my music videos, and my acting skills were appreciated," says the actor, who was not sure if he would get accepted as a singer or not.

When asked his priority and what will he choose if given an option between both, he assures that acting is his first job, something he always wanted to do. "I would always choose acting over singing," he asserts.

Sharing on what criteria he chooses his roles and projects, the actor reveals, "I choose work based on what makes me happy, something I feel I can do justice to. If a genre, a film, a character is offered to me and I feel I won't be able to pull that off, I would not do that."

Stating the example of the very first film in which he did a substantial role, he shares, "Like my first film Rocky Mental, I knew I could play this character well, I knew I could be him. After that film, I did not find any story which I want to do. Therefore, for two years, I did not work in any film," adds the actor who works for the audience and wants to make them happy with his craft. However, Parmish had waited for too long before getting his first break, and so he did not want to give up that easily. And then was the time when he wrote his film Dil Di Yaan Gallan. "I thought if I am not getting stories which I want to do, I will write my own," mentions Parmish, who comes from writing and direction background.

The singer will now be seen in the Punjabi remake of Singham, in which he is playing the lead.

Though it is a remake, Parmish feels that there would not have been a point to make it again if nothing was changed.

"If the director decided to make this film just like the original Singham which had already been made, or if I acted like Ajay sir, the whole idea of remaking it that too in Punjabi would have been wasted.

For that, people could have just watched the dubbed version of that film in Punjabi."

"I think it is the essence of Punjab and what's the take of Punjab industry on this film, which we have tried to capture," he confirms.

All in all, the basic idea of Singham has not changed. The screenplay, the back story, and a little treatment to the execution has been changed in the Punjabi version of the film.

But was he under any pressure while essaying the role ( earlier performed by Ajay Devgn) which had been appreciated immensely in the past? "I think more than pressure, responsibility can be the correct word for what I felt while shooting," he says.

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