Working virtually in a time of pandemic

Wiith more than 500 positive COVID 19 cases, India has become one of the worst-affected countries and the outbreak of novel Coronavirus is proving fatal for everyone. In view of the same, the Central government has imposed lock-down in Delhi, Maharashtra, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Tamil Nadu among thers.

Besides, asking people to avoid socialising, the government has also suggested private companies to provide their employees the facility of working from home.

Effective implementation of the idea ('Work-from-home') is indeed a challenge and to streamline work process, improve workflow company management has figured out innovative ways and tools. Priyanka, who works in a Bengaluru based start-up, which builds GPS trackers for vehicles, talked to Millennium Post

about her experience of working from home. She said, "The office has provided laptop, dongle connections and logistic facilities to us as this lockdown may go

on for long time."

The most essential thing, as for now, is to bridge the gap and establish connectivity among employees. This would help in maintaining the quality of work, she believes.

Priyanka, who works in the technical support team, uses 'In contact' app while working from home. The app connects employees with each other and allows each one to update their working status on the app. In this way, all the employees can be monitored through the app. "The app makes things easier for us. As our work majorly depends on answering our customers' call, the app helps us to know who is available to take the call and who is on a break," said Priyanka.

Apart from the app, Priyanka's colleagues have also created google hang/out group to keep the team head aware of other members' whereabouts and status

of the assigned projects.

Working from home has almost shifted the office on a virtual platform and social media platforms have also become a mode of communication for working professionals.

Debbrat, who works for a Delhi based PR firm, has totally shifted to his What-app group. "Instead of sending e-mails, we are using Whatsapp to communicate. It's hassle-free and more convenient to use." Though Debbrat's office is looking after every requirement of the employees - by providing laptops and dongle

connections - power shut down in his building sometimes becomes a challenge. "Internet speed and availability is the only major problem we are facing. Otherwise, the Whatsapp group serves all purposes. Our boss keeps a timely check on every- one's work status through Whatsapp," he added.

Similarly, Praggya Burnwal who works in Delhi based event management and exhibition sector coordinate with her colleagues over Skype. "We have to log in

at 10 am sharp. Everyone communicates through Skype and distributes the work burden for each day." Since all the festivals and exhibitions have been cancelled in the wake of coronavirus, Praggya's work has shifted to completing their backend works.

Her company too provided her withbasic logistic and many of her teammates even got desktop setup at home. "We have to stay signed in on Skype and be avail-able throughout the day," she added.

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