Working in two languages often leads to a sense of déjà vu: R Madhavan

Working in two languages often leads to a sense of déjà vu: R Madhavan

R Madhavan candidly admitted to a revelation about his film career, sharing that there have been instances on film sets where he didn’t push himself to the fullest. Surprisingly, these projects turned out to be successful, leaving him shocked. Balancing his career in both languages, he acknowledges the occasional challenge of overlapping commitments.

Madhavan told a leading media house that working in two languages often leads to a sense of déjà vu, where he may feel he has encountered similar roles or situations before. Reflecting on his extensive experience in the industry, Madhavan said that actors can often gauge the trajectory of a project from the very first day they step onto the set.

He said that despite being prepared to give his best performance, external factors may not align as expected on a project. In such situations, he expressed a sense of disappointment, especially at this stage in his career. The actor mentioned that if he recognises a disparity in the audience’s exposure between his Hindi and Tamil projects, he focuses on enhancing his character to keep his creative enthusiasm alive.

Regrettably and with a sense of embarrassment, Madhavan acknowledged having been part of projects where, upon reflection, he recognises that he wasn’t fully engaged and was essentially ‘sleepwalking through the whole thing’. The irony, he noted, is that despite his perceived lack of involvement, these projects often turn out to be successful. This success challenges his understanding of what is right or wrong in the industry. As a result, Madhavan emphasises that if a project feels like a repetitive experience or allows him to coast through it, he considers it disqualified from his criteria of creative satisfaction.

The actor is currently being seen in ‘The Railway Men’. The series delves into the untold story of the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy, focusing on the courageous railway workers who jeopardised their own lives to rescue others. When the opportunity for the project came his way, Madhavan initially expected it to align with Yash Raj Films’ typical genre: grand, romantic dramas featuring picturesque locations and elegant sarees.

Having spent a considerable amount of time in the industry, Madhavan expressed a desire to maintain the high standard of work associated with his career. He shared the importance of being selective and not compromising on the quality of projects, even for financial reasons.

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