'Women underrepresented in music industry'

Los Angeles: Grammy-nominated Indian-American songwriter-rapper Raja Kumari feels women are underrepresented in the music industry, and says celebrating women is of supreme importance at the moment.

Kumari felt inspired after being part of the third annual Women in Harmony pre-Grammy brunch. "Our voices are an essential part of the world, and are underrepresented in the music industry," Kumari said.

"This event in particular is special because you're surrounded by so many inspiring and strong women. Bebe inspired me to bring this energy to India and empower more women by being vocal. We're at a time where celebrating women is of supreme importance, especially showing it isn't just men who sit behind the scenes, which is a common perception in the music industry," she said.

The rapper feels it is "important to shine a light on this community that doesn't always get a lot of coverage".

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