'Women are realising they are not sex toys'

Women are realising they are not sex toys

Bollywood actor Tisca Chopra, who talked about the changing scenario for actresses in the film industry, said that even if things were changing, there was still a long way ahead to go to finally embrace this newness.

The 'Hostages' star shared that everyone is on the cusp of change as she also witnesses seeing a lot more actresses becoming braver in their choices of the role and the choices of having babies.

"Women are now realising that they are not sex toys anymore and it is a conversation that people need to have," said Chopra.

She further elaborated by commenting that it is not only women but also men who are worried about the effects of gravity.

"As a society, everyone is ageist overall," added she.

Chopra continued stating that gravity is nobody's friend and that all have to go through it.

"Younger people are edging you out. It is everywhere. Everyone fears that and thinks about how one would continue to be relevant. It is something that everyone deals with and not just me," concluded Tisca.

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