Wolverine/Deadpool movie not happening

Ryan Reynolds may be very excited to team up with Hugh Jackman for any Wolverine/Deadpool movie in the future, but the latter doesn't think it will happen.

In Facebook Live Q&A Jackman, who appeared along with Logan director James Mangold and co-star Patrick Stewart, responded to fan's question about Wolverine/Deadpool movie, reported Ace Showbiz. The question was coming from France and read by Stewart.

"Hugh, would you ever consider teaming up with Deadpool?" Stewart recited the question. Jackman jokingly replied, "I've not heard that one. Deadpool is the other mutant?" And Mangold said, "It's Green Lantern in a different outfit." Jackman later suggested that the collaboration might be possible only if it happened ten years ago. "Look, if that movie had appeared ten years ago, it'd be a totally different story," said Jackman.

"But I knew 2.5 years ago that this was the last one. The first call I made was to Jim (Mangold). I said, 'Jim, I got one more shot at this.' As soon as I got with Jim and started working on the idea of it, I was never more excited. But it feels like the right time," the actor said. "Deadpool, go for it, man. You do your thing. You don't need me," he added.
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