With fame comes responsibility: Teen actor Matarazzo

Tokyo: Gaten Matarazzo is just 16 and has managed to make a deep impact with his performance in "Stranger Things". The actor is loving the success coming his way but agrees that with fame comes more responsibilities.

It was in 2016, when Matarazzo, who was 13-years-old then, started his journey as Dustin Henderson in the science-fiction horror show.

"We really did not expect that our show will be such big and we will become sensation overnight. It came as a surprise to us. I was not ready for such fame. Everything happened on its own. I was not used to constant media glare and people's attention... I gradually adapted into it. I feel with fame comes more responsibilities," Matarazzo told IANS here.

He wants to create a positive impact amongst the audience through his work.

"The show rushed us into spotlight very quickly. I am thankful to God for giving me such good opportunities in life. I will always try to create positive impact through my work," Matarazzo added.

Created by The Duffer Brothers, the Netflix series is set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. It follows the story of four friends -- Will, Mike, Dustin, Lucas -- as they form an unlikely alliance with a girl named Eleven, who has psychokinetic abilities, to save their town from an alien invasion. The show is now into its third season, which launched on July 4.

"Stranger Things" has grown big with time and so did the actors and their acting talents.

"I have evolved as an actor. With each season, I have learned something new about acting. It was a memorable experience working with such inspiring actors. In season three, people will witness a lot of changes in not just our personality, but also in our acting," Matarazzo added.

The young actor has also learned how to deal with criticism. "Criticism is very important for an actor. It pushes you to do a better job," he said.

Matarazzo, who began his professional career in the original Broadway production "Priscilla Queen of the Desert", is also gearing up for his new show "Prank Encounters" in which he will be seen as a host.

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