Why Ayushmann took up Article 15?

Mumbai: Actor Ayushmann Khurrana says the intent to bring about "social change by starting a conversation" is what compelled him to back a movie like Article 15, which is centred around caste discrimination in the society.

He says it was important for him to show India a very significant social film.

"As an artiste, you sometimes get a film that demands you to back it wholeheartedly because it is trying to make a strong statement, because it is trying to affect social change by starting a conversation."

"A film like 'Article 15' compelled me to put my voice behind it because it is cinema that needs to be made and seen. It is cinema for the entire country, for the youth to notice," Ayushmann said in a statement.

This is also why he is not bothered about the box office prospect of the film.

"When you get material this strong and important, you don't think of how big the opening will be, how much the film will eventually make. You do it because it is your responsibility."

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