We're messed up, mentally fragile right now: Sunny

Were messed up, mentally fragile right now: Sunny

Actor Sunny Leone joined the list of celebrities who started voicing their views against social media negativity. The actor shared that it was time to get back to spreading happy and positive vibes in that space.

"I really believe that social media needs to serve the purpose of whoever it is that is posting things online. I'm not very happy about what is going on but there is nothing that you can do about it. Everybody is angry and upset about what is going on. There seems to be some amount of discrimination or things that have hurt people about the ways that they were treated. I do think that bullying, mistreatments and all such type of negative behaviour just come around. I feel that someone who is bullying probably has been bullied. It is a chain of nasty behaviour," she said.

Leone also shared that the only way people can change that is if they can change each other's view at a time and bring positivity back to their lives.

"I hope when people look at my social media, I'm able to bring a smile to their face. Nobody wants to be a part of such negativity that is out there. I avoid reading all the comments as the negative ones are not truly worth it. It is better to just ignore or block them. Not everyone out there is bad. We are just messed up right now. All of us are fragile mentally. We need to come together as a world and share love and positivity," added the actor.

Leone is excited to explore the digital space. Against social media, negativity is the positive side of the web that ushered in a change in the industry by broadening its horizon leading to more work opportunities.

"I believe what is happening for the last few years is that the industry as a whole has been expanding in an enormous way. When you talk about the digital space, there is so much that we can do as actors. When you are watching a film, you are watching a two-hour or a 90-minute-long story, but there is no time to get into the nitty-gritty of the characters and that is what I love about digital shows, which establishes every character with a back story," said Sunny.

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