'We need cinemas to step up, show narrative films'

Los Angeles: Not pulling back any punches, Martin Scorsese again took a jibe at Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and reiterated his "theme park adventure" comments against the studio, known for making big-budget visual effects superhero spectacles.

According to CNET, the iconic filmmaker said the Marvel movies were "not cinema" and such films had converted cinema halls into "amusement parks".

"Theatres have become amusement parks. The value of a film that is like a theme park film, Marvel-type pictures, where theatres become amusement parks, that's a different experience," Scorsese said.

The Irishman director said theatre owners need to up their game and not allow such films to "invade" the space, which he believes, is deserved by "narrative films".

"It's not cinema, it's something else, we shouldn't be invaded by it, so that is a big issue and we need the theatre owners to step up to allow theatres to show films that are narrative films," he added.

In his previous comments, Scorsese said the MCU films don't serve the purpose of cinema and are rather a theme park adventure.

He had said he has seen some of the Marvel Studios projects and found them lacking on the "emotional and psychological experiences".

"Friends" alum Jennifer Aniston too weighed in on the controversy.

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