'We made Bigg Boss out of SSR's death'

New Delhi: Actor Kumud Mishra has shared that all the clamour around the death of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput has turned a tragedy into a 'Bigg Boss' type drama, which is tarnishing his memory.

"Seriously, I do not know where we have come? When will we be quiet? When will we be silent? I do not know what to say because the tragedy of losing a young star is so big," said Mishra about the turns in the case.

He added, "CBI is investigating the matter and for god's sake, let them investigate. Leave Sushant's family alone. Our tragedy is that we do not even give one the time to grieve. We cannot let the departed person rest in peace. We made 'Bigg Boss' of his death and this is a bigger tragedy."

"The way people are playing with them and the way people are bringing out things from the past is wrong. Sushant is not here to answer any of it," lamented Mishra.

The actor also wondered why cases of suicide by other actors after the 'Raabta' star's death did not catch anyone's attention.

"I am not comparing death with death. But after him, three actors have committed suicide. No one is talking about them, because that is not an issue for you. Sushant made a name for his work, but people are discussing him at such places and points where one is damaging his memory, damaging his work and his accomplishments," said the actor, who is currently seen in the film, 'Ramsingh Charlie', which dropped on 'Sony LIV' recently.

Mishra said that no one wants to talk about the real issue.

"I am sure that once the investigation is over that issue will come in front and still people will not discuss the issue because that does not generate revenue for anyone," he reasoned.

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