We get typecast faster, say Bollywood actresses

Mumbai: Whether it is Vidya Balan, Taapsee Pannu, Kirti Kulhari or Nithya Menen, each of these actors are constantly striking a balance between strong female-led roles and appearances in popcorn commercial films to prove their versatility. All of them tell you that while it is okay for the audience to have expectation from them, they should not be typecast based on their film choices every time.

Vidya is an actor who has successfully delivered some of the finest performances in female-oriented films. Asked why striking a balance between different kinds of cinema is important for a Bollywood actor to avoid getting typecast, she said: "Women always get typecast in everything that they do. When an actor does five scenes and three songs in a film, people start saying she only does fluffy stuff and no serious roles. When she does substantial roles in serious films, she gets the tag of a serious actor. I think society tends to find flaws in women so that they do not fly high."

Taapsee looks at the issues of typecasting and audience expectation differently. "I think we are putting gender in the matter only because, for ages, our films have projected female characters in a certain way. So, audience had limited expectation from actresses. Now, we are in a cusp of change. It will take some time but will surely change for the next generation, provided actresses don't give up."

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