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Vivian contemplates acting on OTT platform

Vivian contemplates acting on OTT platform

Television heartthrob Vivian Dsena is contemplating acting on an OTT platform as an option.

The handsome hunk, who is celebrating his 33rd birthday today, shared, "I have been in talks with many people from the OTT platforms but nothing has been finalised as yet."

Dsena, who set the screen on the storm with eclectic performance in 'Pyar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani', 'Madhubala – Ek Ishq, Ek Junoon' and 'Shakti', always chooses his roles very carefully and his principles always rule his decisions.

"I am not comfortable in doing certain scenes and I have been like this right from the beginning. That is my personal choice," the actor maintained.

When asked about the kind of roles he like, Vivian said, "I always love to take up challenging roles irrespective of the genres. Moreover, I prefer antihero roles over a hero. The reason is it is quite unusual and I have never done anything of that kind yet."

Every actor nurtures a dream of becoming a star in Bollywood. The larger-than-life image, the glamour and the fan following draw every actor; barring a few who are

very much grounded. Vivian belongs to that rare breed of

actors who doesn't aim for the big screen.

Explaining the reason behind it, Dsena said, "I feel television is the strongest medium of all. It is so powerful that even leading film actors make appearances on TV shows to promote their upcoming movies. Television has given me a lot of things from fame, money to stardom so I never had that big Bollywood dream."

The 32-year-old blue-eyed television heartthrob earns the adulation of fans from across India and countries like Turkey, Egypt and Europe. Vivian's mystique look can be traced back to his Portuguese grandfather who stayed back in India and settled down here. Vivian was born to a Hindu mother and a Christian father of Portuguese descent. His paternal grandmother was of British descent.

Vivian got his break in television in 2008, when he went to give auditions for some other projects and got selected for Ekta Kapoor's production 'Kasam Se'. Soon after, he got chosen to play a vampire in 'Pyaar Ki Ye Ek Kahaani', a supernatural-themed television series. Vivian made girls swoon over him with his vampire look and became a television star overnight. Later, it was his anti-hero character RK (in the show Madhubala) that stole everyone's heart.

Vivian might have been missing from the small screen for a long time, but he definitely knows how to keep his fans engaged.

When asked about his dream actor, Vivian left us surprised by revealing, "I think I am

born late, but I would love

to share screen with the Bollywood diva Rekha. She is the

epitome of beauty and grace. I have loved all of her performances."

We from 'Millennium Post' wish him on his birthday all the very best with the hope of seeing him in his new project soon. He wishes all the readers of 'Millennium Post' a safe life.

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