Vin Diesel had a 'secret script' for Groot

Actor Vin Diesel says he was privy to a secret script to play the role of Groot in the upcoming film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. The 49-year-old actor says he a great time voice acting the character as he knew what the talking tree was trying to say, reported Daily Star.

"As an audience what you hear is, 'I am Groot', but he is expressing himself and you have to try and convey what he intends to say and his emotions in those three words. "I actually had a secret script where I was told what Groot was trying to say. That made him a lot of fun to voice," Diesel says.The Fast and Furious 8 star adds it is always difficult to play the role.

"Groot is always challenging to play," he says. The sequel to the Guardians of the Galaxy will hit the screens on May 5.

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