Unfinished review: Priyanka reveals private life details

Unfinished review:  Priyanka reveals private life details

Priyanka Chopra Jonas's memoir 'Unfinished', which came out a few days ago, tells the moving story of her rise to fame.

The 'Quantico' star never intended to become the internationally renowned entertainer and public figure she is today. Before she was an actor, producer and UNICEF 'Goodwill Ambassador', she was the daughter of two doctors who dreamt of becoming an aeronautical engineer.

Her brother had convinced the 17-year-old girl to enter the Miss India competition. She had hoped that it would get her out of the house so he could have her own bedroom. Little did her family know that such a unique effort would catapult the actor into the world of stardom and transform her into an international phenomenon.

'Unfinished' is Priyanka's open and honest account of her experience that navigates life in the public eye, as well as the extreme hard work and dedication she put into her acting career. At the same time, the memoir is also about the pieces of her life that the public is unable to see - it is the story of her growing up on two continents and spending time in both India and the United States; the love she shares with her family and the way her parents embraced their daughter's curveball career path and sacrificed so she could chase her dreams and the story of her own battles with self-confidence and doubt as she learned to stand up for what she knew she deserved.

The book further mentions her story of racism and sexism that she confronted throughout her life along with the phase of depression she had to battle after the death of her father. She also penned her love story of how she fell in love with her now-husband and singer-actor Nick Jonas.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas' stories are exceedingly personal. Despite being an international movie star, many of the readers would feel relatable with her life experiences.

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