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Tirlok Malik's new movie to have world premiere on Aug 27

The film endeavours to touch upon all the important subjects of youth aspirations

Tirlok Maliks new movie to have world premiere on Aug 27

Emmy nominated Indian-American filmmaker Tirlok Malik, best known for making films about Indian immigrants in the US such as 'Lonely in America', 'Khushiyaan' and 'On Golden Years', has announced a new project.

His latest outing, a short film titled 'To New India with Love', endeavours to touch upon all the important subjects of youth aspirations. The short is being presented by Padma Shri Dr Sudhir Parikh.

"The future of India rests on the shoulders of the youth. Therefore, every step taken to empower the youth is a step forward towards the fulfillment of the dream of New India. The film 'To New India with Love' is a sincere attempt to inspire the youth and instill hope and confidence in them towards the building of New India," comments Dr Sudhir Parikh, whose lifelong work demonstrates his love and commitment for India.

'To New India with Love' tells the story of Vijay, a young college student, who asks a visiting NRI professor, Professor Khanna, to help him go to America as he has his passport ready. The short film explores the emotional conflict that comes with the reality of life.

When Vijay asks the professor if he can help him go to America, the professor reminds him that 'New India is in the making' and that he must play his part in contributing to New India. Vijay does not agree and expresses his frustrations and struggles, proclaiming, "New India is all about faking".

According to Malik, "'To New India with Love' is aimed at empowering the youth of India. The heated debate at the heart of the film shows how sometimes a conversation can change the direction of one's life. Many young people want to leave India, but all of them cannot get visas. Moreover, migration is a choice that one makes and there is an emotional price associated with it. But, ultimately, it is up to an individual."

'To New India with Love' stars Tirlok Malik (Professor Khanna), Aryan Pratap Singh (Vijay) and Dalip Maccune. The screenplay and dialogues are written by Murtaza Ali Khan. While Rakesh Zharotia is the film's editor and assistant director, Vijay Chauhan serves as the DOP.

"The germ of the story idea comes from a real-life experience of mine and many other NRIs who often get asked by the youth of India to help them move abroad for better work prospects. The film aims at creating greater awareness about the role that NRIs can play in mentoring the Indian youth," sums up Tirlok Malik.

'To New India with Love' will be released on various digital platforms. Its world premiere will be held on August 27, 2021, on the 'YouTube' channel of 'nritvfilmclub' at 11 am EST (USA / Canada) and 8:30 pm IST (India).

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