Theo Campbell adapting to new life after sight loss

Los Angeles: Actor Theo Campbell, who became blind in one eye after a popped champagne cork split the eye in half, says he can still see the light.

On "This Morning", the "Love Island" star opened up about on the eye's damage and how is dealing with it, reports

He said: "The split didn't go through the pupil, it went from the white part to the iris and through again," he said, revealing he had seven stitches but that he was lucky the surgeon could save the eyeball at all.

"It's like looking through a stain-glassed window, it's a blur. You need two eyes to know where things are, distance is hard."

The incident occurred when Theo took off his sunglasses at the champagne party.

He took the glasses off to wipe his eyes, and at that moment someone else popped a bottle and it hit him directly in the eye.

"It was a bad pain, it was eerie and you just know, it's common sense, that it wasn't a good thing. At first, I thought 'no no this can't have happened', and I hoped it hadn't happened, but there was blood on my hand and security took me to medical tent... she didn't speak much English and she was like 'oh my god get him to the hospital'.

"It was very painful, you get hit by anything and the pain eases up but it was constant for two days," Theo added.

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