'The Boys' S2 to premiere on 'Amazon Prime Video'

For those suffering from what James Cameron called 'Avengers fatigue', the first season of Amazon's 'The Boys' came as a breath of fresh air. Even for the people, who do love superheroes, 'The Boys' was a singular take. It upended the popular perception that people in possession of superpowers will use them for good. But the boys said no - people are people. Some are good and others are bad. Fame and all that power tend to go to even the good one's heads.

In the second season, Karl Urban-led band of rebels wishing to take down Vought are back and in hiding. Urban's mercurial, cunning and charming ex-CIA operative, Billy Butcher, finds his way back from Homelander's clutches and once again entraps the rest of the team in his plan.

Every major member of 'The Boys', the group 'Seven' and others get meaningful development in the second season. It is amazing how the writers have managed to write better character arcs despite a bigger number of characters. The relationship between Frenchie and Kimiko is nurtured and almost tenderly. Karen Fukuhara's character may not speak, but she uses her dazzling smile and eyes to communicate a lot. 'The Boys' might be depressing otherwise, but this relationship is one of the best things about it.

'The Boys' remains as gory and gratuitous as ever. Heads explode with alarming frequency, people are lasered to tiny bits of meat and the boys continue to play as dirty as ever. The stakes are higher this time around and there are several surprises in store.

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