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Tahira announces new book 'The 7 Sins of Being a Mother'

Tahira announces new book The 7 Sins of Being a Mother

On the occasion of Father's Day, author Tahira Kashyap Khurrana announced her fifth book '7 Sins of Being a Mother' in her quirky style.

Posting pictures of her jumping with joy showcasing her laptop screen, Tahira revealed the title of her second book penned in the pandemic.

The author said, "I love dads (mine and my kids), but on Father's Day I want to share some special news about my new book! It is sinful and hopefully delightful. It is called '7 Sins of Being a Mother'!"

Emerging as the 'Quarantine Writer', Tahira had previously launched her fourth book '12 Commandments of Being a Woman' in 2020 that received an exceptional response from the audience.

The author, filmmaker and influencer has been advocating for women's empowerment through various means. Having authored multiple books like 'Cracking the Code: My Journey in Bollywood', 'Souled Out' and 'The 12 Commandments of Being a Woman', Tahira demonstrates stories of varied backgrounds.

Having written '12 Commandments of Being a Woman' solely in the lockdown, Tahira presents the perfect balance of work and personal life.

Highlighting the varied aspects of life in the most relatable form, Tahira is known to strike a chord with the masses with her witty, smart and engaging writing.

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