Tabu looks back at her Bollywood journey

Tabu looks back at her Bollywood journey

Tabu, who entered her 30th year in the Bollywood industry, talked about her experimentation with herself while taking on new different projects.

Speaking on being called timeless by her colleagues, she said, "I do not know how to be otherwise. I take it as a big compliment. I do not feel so much time has gone by."

She added, "I feel I'm the same person. I do not know how people perceive me now. More or less, my reasons to do a film or genre have never differentiated. I started my career with films like 'Prem', then 'Hu Tu Tu', 'Biwi No 1' (both 1999), 'Hera Pheri' (2000), 'Maqbool' (2003), 'Haider' (2014), I think it has not been conscious or planned. Whatever the things that came my way, if I liked it and felt okay, I did it, of course, provided the role is good and did not take away from whatever I was at that point. I want to do all genres. Sometimes I might not be lucky to get films. It has always been about different experiences with different people. It was not conscious."

"Fortunately, I have always got important roles in whatever projects that have come to me. Also, the stories were such, with good and important parts. From all the stuff that has come to me, the common thread has been that they were all important, significant parts," shared the actor on whether she gets better roles in the West than the Hindi cinema industry.

Sharing her thoughts on the importance of awards, Tabu stated, "It will not be right for me to say I do not feel happy when I receive awards, everyone does. But I'm sure, at least for me, the relationship you have with awards and the gratification changes or alters over a period of time. When I got the 'National Award' for 'Maachis', it was something I couldn't believe. I did not think, 'Maine itna achha kaam kiya ki 'National Award' mil jaaye!'. Somehow, Gulzar sahab (director) told me much later he was always confident. I did not even know the process. He was very confident and the happiest, also because we did it with so much fun. We were kids, and Gulzar sahab father figure and mentor."

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