Taapsee shares her transformation journey

Taapsee shares her transformation journey

Mumbai: 'Thappad' star Taapsee Pannu decided to share her exciting journey of hitting the gym to prep up for the role of a sprinter for the film 'Rashmi Rocket'. She revealed that she did not use any steroids and made sure to transform her body in a natural way for her upcoming film.

By sharing a video of her training routines, Taapsee tweeted: "Because ordinary people are meant to do extra ordinary things, 'khudi ko kar buland itna ki har takdeer se pahle khuda bande se khud poojhe bata teri raza kya hai'. Caption mein aur kuch likhne ko bacha nahi hai, sab video mein bol diya."

In the video, pictures from the 'Pink' star's school days first appear when she had won medals in sports. She said that she was just only six years old when she ran for the first time in class one and then went on to win a medal every time she ran on the sports day. She also shared about making it clear to her trainer that she 'will not use any steroids and would build her body very naturally in a real and believable way'.

Taapsee continued sharing her story by saying that trainers did not have the budget to touch up the body on the screen to show sharper muscles but had to make it real and work on herself, to which she said, "I did not have the liberty being a female actor to sit at home while I build my muscle and get my body ready for the film and I had to do other films simultaneously. I was shooting for multiple other films while I was training for 'Rashmi Rocket'."

The video further showed her struggle with sprinting as she gave up on the third day of the shoot and failed to even stand on her feet and it took two weeks to bounce back.

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