Sushmita didn't regret taking a sabbatical

Sushmita Sen is basking in the success of her comeback vehicle 'Aarya'. The dearth of quality projects is what made Sushmita choose the long hiatus and the actor said she does not regret her decision, despite the highs and lows she faced while waiting.

When asked if she was told to not take a break, considering the Hindi film industry is not too kind to artistes who are out of sight, Sushmita Sen replied, "I did not listen to people who managed me because we did not agree. They thought like you just said 'Out of sight, out of mind,' and I always thought distance makes the heart grow fonder."

The 44-year-old actor explained that she was able to stay away from any kind of insecurity that a hiatus could induce because her life was never defined only by films.

The actor said, "I did not have a much heightened state of insecurity because my life had many other purposes. I was not sitting at home and waited for a film to come by. I was doing multiple other things with my life, creating brands in various ventures and I was looking at creative projects and biding my time, saying, 'It will come. I have not done what I believe I am capable of and I need people to believe in me to bring that out'."

The actor shared she lost "a lot of people" during her time away from the screen, but her self-belief stayed stronger than any sense of loss.

"It took a while. I lost a lot of people on the way but it was worth it."

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