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'Such a loser. You aren't Salman Khan'

Such a loser. You arent Salman Khan

The latest 'Sunday Ka Vaar' episode of 'Bigg Boss OTT' left actor Suyyash Rai fuming. The former 'Bigg Boss' contestant took to his 'Instagram' page where he lashed out at host and Bollywood producer Karan Johar. From pointing out how he is not 'Salman Khan' to calling him a 'loser', Suyyash shared a series of 'Instagram Stories' criticising Johar's behaviour during that episode, especially towards his friend Divya Agarwal.

Sharing a photo of himself watching the show hosted by Karan, Suyyash first posted, "He has lost the plot".

The actor-singer further wrote on his social media page, "Dear Karan Johar, come let me burst your bubble! You are not Salman Khan. Try talking sense!"

He followed it up with another story which read, "Never knew Karan Johar is such a loser!"

Rai further called out Karan for supporting Shamita Shetty over Divya Agarwal as he shared, "Dear Karan Johar, you check your tone next time, then expect others to speak to u nicely! And you better not point that finger of yours at Divya! Do all this with your Shamita!"

On the first 'Sunday Ka Vaar' episode, Johar had pulled up Divya for her high-handedness. He said that given her experience on other reality shows, she considers herself a queen and is often seen trying to school others.

Karan also fuelled a fight between Divya and Shamita after he told the latter that Divya has been gossiping about her. All that led to Divya feeling isolated in the house and in the episode, when Karan picked on her again, the two got involved in a heated argument. A lot of fans felt that the host had been targeting Divya and playing favourites with Shamita.

Suyyash too pointed the same and also backed Divya's connection with Zeeshan Khan. In a note, the actor wrote, "I have felt so bad for Zeeshan in that episode. He did not do anything wrong literally anything!"

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