Success of all films not defined by commerce: Anupam Kher

Mumbai: Veteran actor Anupam Kher, who will be seen in "One Day: Justice Delivered", says the audience has evolved enough to celebrate a good story that goes beyond box office numbers.

Asked about his views on the changing business of cinema where many films that do not do good numbers in the theatres get appreciation once they are available on OTT platforms, Anupam told IANS: "I think the best thing that has happened in the last couple of years... which is great for filmmakers and actors like us, is that the audience wants to watch intelligent stories. And success of all films are not defined by box office numbers."

"Since we have the digital release of films these days, we know there is content that the audience would enjoy in intimate viewing rather than community viewing. Now a group of audience is growing... that does not watch films that insult their intellect," added the actor, who plays a retired judge in "One Day: Justice Delivered".

Directed by Ashok Nanda, the film also features Esha Gupta, Kumud Mishra and Anant Mahadevan.

Sharing an insight into his character in the film, Anupam said: "It so happens that in our courts, the judge delivers a decision on any case based on evidence and the rule book of the law. Therefore, many times an innocent person, due to lack of evidence does not get justice. My character goes deeper than just being a judge."

"He goes behind those criminals and finds out the truth as a normal human being, that he otherwise can't do as a judge, following the rule book of law."

The film releases on Friday.

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