Sonali opens on facing favouritism

Sonali Raut has recently been a part of the latest web series 'Dangerous', starring Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu. The actor, who plays the wife of Karan, has an important role in the series. The 'Bigg Boss' contestant shared her thoughts on insider and outsider debate in Bollywood and also revealed how she became a victim of favouritism in her debut film.

Sonali shared, "I have friends from the industry who already had their base here, so for them it is easy to get launched and work with good banners. Because they have producers and directors at their home, so it is easier for them to get an opportunity. In my family, my father was a cop, so we had a lot of people from that fraternity coming home. All in all, you know the right people from where you come from. So, I think for the outsider, it is difficult because obviously in the beginning you are new and you do not know from where to start, as for that you need to have the right contacts. Also, to gain that trust from Bollywood and assure them that you have talent is not easy."

"In my first movie 'The Xpose' the story was about two actresses and the other part was played by Zoya Afroz and it had Himmesh Reshamiya in it. During that, I was kept away from the promotions in spite of me playing the central character. And she was pushed more than me. I objected to this and asked my producer the reason and very conveniently I was told it was not my but the director's call. I decided to ignore and move on to my new project. I did not waste my time," added the actor.

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