Sometimes, it’s important to stand up for yourself: Celina Jaitly

Sometimes, it’s important to stand up for yourself: Celina Jaitly

Celina Jaitly recently slammed a troll who said that she should only wear bikinis and not talk about important things like international affairs. She replied with a video on social media, saying everyone should be allowed to talk about serious topics, no matter what they wear. Reflecting on the same, she shared that it’s important to stand up for yourself and help others if possible.

Celina told a leading media house, “Sometimes, it’s important to stand up for yourself. If you can stand up through that process for many others, it’s indeed a bonus. I specifically did it as a comedy reel. I am an actor and I like to use that power within to reach out with occasional lessons of importance to my circle of impact.” She also stated that artists and storytellers are really important nowadays because of all the fighting and problems happening. She thinks their work helps people feel more connected to the world, understand their emotions better and make firm decisions about their actions.

Jaitly pointed out the ongoing struggles women face in today’s society. She emphasised that women are still viewed as outsiders in a predominantly male society. She mentioned, “We’re constantly required to justify our views and face criticism for all our actions.” Additionally, she remarked on the negative attitudes towards independent women, which often lead to harmful behaviour like bullying and name-calling. She suggested that sometimes it’s necessary to overlook insignificant criticisms, while other times, it’s important to address them directly. Addressing the stereotype often imposed on actresses, Jaitly questioned, “Why do you think actresses are stereotyped by such people? How can one stay away from this negativity?”

She said that women have to defend themselves and are judged for everything they do, no matter how much they achieve.

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