Smoking scenes in Manmarziyaan deleted

Mumbai: Manmarziyaan producers have deleted three scenes from the film after members of the Sikh community objected to a scene where Abhishek Bachchan's character is shown smoking. The producers approached the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) regarding the deletion of the scenes.

According to a censor copy, the three deleted scenes include a 29 – second smoking sequence of Abhishek, a minute long scene featuring Taapsee and Abhishek entering a gurudwara and an 11– second scene where Taapsee is shown smoking.

"We have removed the three scenes from the film as people's sentiments were getting hurt. The said changes have come into effect in metros from today and will reflect across India from the coming Thursday – Friday," a source from the production side said. Director Anurag Kashyap also addressed the controversy, saying there was never an intention to cause any hurt to the community but the matter should not be politicised.

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