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Shruti shares her experiences of shooting 'Bestseller'

Shruti shares her experiences of shooting Bestseller

With Amazon Original Series' 'Bestseller' that will release on February 18 on 'Prime Video', the multi-talented actor Shruti Haasan makes her full-fledged digital debut in a lead role.

From understanding the nuances of her multi-layered character to learning a specific dialect for the role, she has worked very hard to get into the skin of Meetu.

"I found it interesting to play a part like Meetu because her arc is so interesting. The common thing if I had to say is that Meetu is a very determined person, a fan and a determined woman," she revealed.

She further continued, "I always love to walk away with the mood or the fragrance or the memory of the character. And I think what I got in this series is to meet another determined character. So, I love remembering those experiences while shooting for 'Bestseller'."

Speaking of experiences, Shruti also threw light on the behind-the-scenes fun while filming for the thriller series.

"I had to do a scene where I sit under a running shower and we were shooting at the peak of the winter season in Rajasthan and you know how cold it gets out there. The shot was ready and to my horror, I realised that there was no hot water available. So, there I was, sitting in the cold shower and trying to get the emotions on my face right while I quite literally froze," she shared.

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