Shruti Bapna opens up on playing gay character in 'Breathe 2'

New Delhi: Actress Shruti Bapna, who plays a lesbian character in the web series "Breathe: Into The Shadows", says she was not apprehensive when she took up the role.

This was the first time Shruti played a gay character and even locked lips with actress Nithya Menen in the thriller, which is toplined by Abhishek Bachchan and Amit Sadh.

"When I got the part I did not really think much on those lines about having an intimate scene. Yes, as an actor it's not that easy to just go ahead and do an intimate scene. One does have some inhibitions," Shruti told IANS, when asked if she was apprehensive about doing an intimate lesbian scene.

Shruti says she put all her mind into understanding her character, named Natasha.

"When I got this part that (inhibitions over the intimate scene) was not really the focus. What I really put my intention and hard work into was in discovering Natasha as a homosexual woman. For me, it was interesting to dive into that psychology of that woman's sexual identity," she explained.

She says she knew the scene would be treated right, and that it was done with "right intention" and "nothing sleazy".

"All these things I was aware of, and when the moment came I went for it. I didn't think much because as that character I needed to be comfortable and own up identity as a lesbian and that's what I intended to do," Shruti said.

How has her family reacted to her performance? "They all are very happy and proud. I think they are also happy that I got this much screen space. That was quite a relief for them and also for me. Apart from that, they are really happy with my performance," she claimed.

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