Shekhar demands CBI probe in Sushant's death

Actor-filmmaker Shekhar revealed that he started a forum to demand a probe by the CBI in actor Sushant Singh Rajput's death. Shekhar also wrote all efforts must be made to ensure that such a tragedy is avoided in a future.

Taking to 'Twitter', Shekhar wrote, "It is crystal clear. If we presume that Sushant Singh committed suicide and thinking about the way he was strong, willed and intelligent, then he would have definitely left a suicide note. My heart tells me, like many others, that there is more than what meets the eye. Sushant was a 'Bihari' and that is why the 'Bihari' sentiment is at the forefront. But I'm not taking away the fact that it concerns people from all the states of India and there should not be another Sushant kind of tragedy with any young talent trying to make it on his own."

He further wrote, "I'm forming a forum called 'Justice for Sushant forum', where I will implore just about everyone one to pressurise the government to launch a CBI inquiry into Sushant's death by raising their voices against this kind of tyranny and gangs' bullying and tear down the mafias. I solicit your support."

Sushant was found dead in his Mumbai residence on June 14. Mumbai Police confirmed death by suicide and that the actor was battling depression. His death has again brought focus on nepotism and cliques in the industry.

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