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Senco Gold and Diamonds promotes women empowerment

Senco Gold and Diamonds promotes women empowerment

Women have been playing a very big role in contributing to the growth and development of our country. In today's society, they play a very active role and they act as a harbinger of change. India is a diverse country and yet, we find unity in diversity. This is reflected in not just the good aspects but also the prevalence of traditional mindset across the country.

One such issue is the deep-rooted patriarchy and gender inequality in the country. The old issues still plague us, often sanctified by religion and legitimised by tradition. To acknowledge and honour the contribution of women who overcome such social stereotyping, 'Senco Gold and Diamonds' has launched a new campaign showcasing how women, despite wearing mangal sutra, does not tie them down as they are busy in their respective field of work and services.

Commenting on the new campaign, Joita Sen, Director and Head of Design and Marketing, 'Senco Gold and Diamonds' said, "Women are capable of doing much. We just need to overcome social stereotyping. A lot of women need to be more aware socially, legally and financially and then we will be unstoppable. International Women's Day is not a one-day celebration but a yearlong celebration of oneself and one's identity that is unique to oneself."

"Also, I feel women keep traditions and culture alive. Let us abandon outdated norms and needlessly restricts us and embrace and if required create new norms that can free us mentally and teach the present as well as future generations to think and feel like equals. Women should support women and not be the cause and perpetrators of their restrictions and progression," she added.

To further celebrate the spirit of International Women's Day, 'Senco Gold and Diamonds' has also launched a new collection named 'Sutra - The Mangal Sutra Collection'. The collection comprises intricately designed diamond and gold mangalsutras which start from Rs 10,000 onwards. The Women's Day offer is available across Senco Gold and Diamonds' showrooms and online channels till March 13, 2022. To view the collection, customers can use the link

Customers can avail of the following benefits on purchases: Rs. 150 off per gram of gold rate; five percent off on diamond value; up to 25 percent off on making charge of diamond jewellery for women buyers; Rs. 150 off per gram of platinum rate and 15 percent discount in MRP/ making charge of silver and 'Gossip' jewellery.

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