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Scarlett's lawyer slams Disney for misconduct

Scarletts lawyer slams Disney for misconduct

Scarlett Johannson's lawyer retaliated after 'Disney' made its move in the lawsuit that the Hollywood actor had filed against the studio.

According to 'Just Jared', the financial dispute arose when she sued the studio claiming that she could earn better profits with the movie's theatrical release which she has to miss out on due to the movie's release on both the streaming platform 'Disney+' and in theatres.

However, as per 'Deadline' via 'Just Jared', 'Disney' had responded to the lawsuit by appealing that the case shall move into arbitration. As per Disney's lawyers, it was previously agreed that 'all claims arising out of, in connection with, or relating to' Scarlett Johansson's acting "services for 'Black Widow' would be submitted to confidential, binding arbitration in New York. Hence, they are moving forward with the step of arbitration.

According to 'Just Jared', in a very recent statement to 'Deadline', Johansson's lawyer John Berlinski stated that the studio is 'predictably trying to hide its misconduct in a confidential arbitration' after 'initially responding to this litigation with a misogynistic attack against Scarlett Johansson'.

He continued the

statement by asking questions to 'Disney' over 'Marvel's promises to give 'Black Widow' a typical theatrical release like its other films'. He noted

that the promise 'had everything to do with guaranteeing that 'Disney' would not cannibalise box office receipts to boost 'Disney+' subscriptions'.

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