Saying goodbye To 'Toy Story' character Woody was emotional: Tom Hanks

London: Tom Hanks says he was in tears while doing his final lines as his "Toy Story" character, Woody.

The actor, who reprised his role for the last time in "Toy Story 4", said ending their almost three-decade run together was a "terrible" feeling.

"It was terrible, it was terrible. I started recording Woody in 1991. That's when we got together to do the first one.

"You record these things over about four years, and the last session I thought it would just be odds and ends but I was in the same studio with the same microphone, and they said 'OK, great, thanks.' And just like that, 20 however many years were over," Hanks said on "The Graham Norton Show".

The Oscar winner said he reflected on his life in his car after finishing his lines as Woody.

"My lip started quivering. You ever do this, when you're so uncomfortable all you can say is, 'Well, oh, my my. Oh my, my my my my. Oh, well.' And the only thing to do was to go and get in my car and drive away.

"I heard the music and the sun was going down, the credits were rolling on my life, everything was done," he said.

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