Sania set for digital debut as herself

Sania set for digital debut as herself

Tennis ace Sania Mirza will make her digital debut with the series 'MTV Nishedh: Alone Together' and she said that the show aims to raise awareness about tuberculosis (TB). Sania will play herself in the fiction series.

A digital spin-off of the TV show 'MTV Nishedh', the series spotlights throws light on the importance of proper medication, especially in the COVID-19 era.

"TB continues to be one of the most chronic health issues in our country. With about half of the diagnosed cases under the age of 30, there is an urgent need to tackle fallacies around it and drive a perception change," said Sania.

She added, " 'MTV Nishedh: Alone Together' conveys that in a unique and impactful way. The youth of today is more aware, sensitive and conscious about issues that plague our country. TB is a continuing menace and its impact has only worsened through the pandemic. The fight to curb TB is more difficult now than ever and that was what prompted me to come on board. As someone who is in a place of influence, I hope my presence helps in some way to collectively fight the societal conventions and bring about a positive change."

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