Salman Khan has recited a very good poem in 'Kaagaz': Satish Kaushik

New Delhi: Actor Satish Kaushik not only has Salman Khan as the presenter of his upcoming film "Kaagaz", but also has the superstar giving a boost to the movie with his voice.

"Kaagaz" marks Satish's comeback as director after the 2014 reease, "Gang Of Ghosts".

"Salman has recited a very good poem in the film, which comes in the beginning and at the end of the film. It is a great poem written by Aseem Ahmed Abbasi. Salman had recited it so well that we decided to make a video also for promotion. It is based on the theme of 'Kaagaz' -- how 'kaagaz' (paper) is important in our lives," Satish told IANS.

The Pankaj Tripathi-starrer was set to hit the screens in May but due to COVID-19, he has to now wait for the right time to release it.

"After the lockdown is lifted, I am going to take it easy. You have to follow certain rules and take safety measures. But yes, I have lots of work on my platter. My dream project 'Kaagaz' is already complete. Little work on the post-production is left. It was supposed to release on May 15, but it was not possible so I am going to wait," he said.

"I am going to come up with a plan on how to release it and go about it. When the theatre is going to open...I am going to wait for that. My whole concentration will be on that apart from acting assignments," he added.

Meanwhile, he is enjoying family time with wife and daughter during the ongoing lockdown.

"We are eating together, playing ludo, snakes and ladders," he said.

Recently, he also showcased his singing skills.

"Rashmi Virag had come up with the idea and had said they wanted to do a song with me. It just happened. It wasn't planned," he said about singing "When life gives u a banana".

"It is about whatever comes in life, you have to take it positively. That is very important. I loved the whole concept of it," he explained.

Satish had recorded the song in one take only.

"We had recorded the song long time ago -- about six to eight months back, and we were thinking of giving it to some music company, but then the lockdown happened and we got an idea that this is the right situation and time to release it. What we are into, we need positivity and hope. We need people to give confidence and smiles in these COVID-19 times," he said.

The video was shot at his place.

"I shot it with my phone, and my daughter Vanshika helped me. She is eight years old but today's children know everything about iPhones and iPads," said the proud father.

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