'Sadak 2' leaked online after release

Mahesh Bhatt's directorial venture, which released on August 28 on 'Disney+ Hotstar VIP', has fallen prey to a piracy website name, 'Filmyzilla', a day after its release. The film was also leaked by 'TamilRockers' and is reportedly available in 1080p HD, 480p, 720p as well as cam-rip versions.

Mahesh Bhatt, who returned to direction after over two decades with this film, did not do well among the audience at all, as the new film is so weak that people against star kids will doze off long before the halfway mark.

'Sadak 2' is about a weird mix of stale storytelling about property, unimaginative drama and standard violence, thrown into the narrative with an evil Guruji. The bad god-man wants Aarya (Alia) out, because her rich mom has left lots of wealth for the girl.

The film is billed as an action drama that unfolds as a road trip, so there are three people in an SUV driving up mountain terrain.

There are too many cliches in the movie, as Aarya sets out for a Kailash Mansarovar trip ahead of her 21st birthday. That is where Sanjay Dutt returns as Ravi the cabbie from the original 'Sadak'. He is a gruff old loner now, prone to suicidal swings but maintaining the machismo nonetheless with a heavy-set beard, a tough-guy drawl and an anguished gaze.

Sanjay as Ravi is supposed to be the connecting link between the first 'Sadak' of 1991 and this film. He is a tormented man, blaming himself for the death of Pooja (Pooja Bhatt), the sex worker he loved in the first film. Dutt exudes a mix of angst, vulnerability and recklessness while bringing alive his character.

Once in the film, Aditya's character Vishal gets a sub plot unto himself. It is as unconvincing as the actor's efforts to emote.

Most of the characters seem to be drawn out in the film and lacks conviction, especially the villains.

'Sadak 2' plods ahead on the path to nowhere with these weird characters and many more like them, meandering aimlessly towards a climax that hardly surprises or thrills. The film is best to be avoided.

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