Rihanna faces backlash over child labour issue

Rihanna faces backlash over   child labour issue

Popstar Rihanna is facing global outrage after her company 'Fenty Beauty' came under the scanner in India for sourcing mica from the mines in Jharkhand, which uses child labour.

Soon, several reactions across the globe stirred chaos on social media with Fenty Beauty's connection with blood mica. Some of the tweets were:

"Rihanna stop using real mica sharing the brutalities video on children engaged in mica mining."

"'Fenty Beauty', are you all 100% cruelty-free? Gavin Newsom, they seem to be in violation of the 'California Suppliers Act' by using blood mica sourced from illegal mines in Jharkhand, India."

"A complaint was filed against Rihanna for the over exploitation of child labour. Rihanna and her blood money is disgusting!"

"A complaint was filed with NCPCR in India, which is a child rights body."

"I'm so glad that I no longer use 'Fenty Beauty' products. It is complete trash. I will never support makeup brands for using mica or exploiting child slave labour. So much for being 'vegan' and 'cruelty free'."

"I'm so happy that someone's talking about this. Rihanna's 'Fenty Beauty' brand is under the lens in India for 'Using mica from mines hiring child labour'."

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