Richa defends Delhi Crime's Emmy win

Richa defends Delhi Crimes Emmy win

Actor Richa Chadha had to defend 'Delhi Crime' after its International Emmys win raised some criticism on 'Twitter'. A few social media users objected as to how a show, which is based on the horrific December 16, 2012 rape case had been receiving applause and congratulatory messages.

Richa had shared her congratulations for the cast and crew on 'Twitter' after the show won in the Best Drama category, thus creating history for the country.

"Congratulations to the whole cast and crew of 'Delhi Crime' for this huge international recognition and making India proud! My heart is happy," she wrote.

Replying to her, a 'Twitter' user wrote, "I do not understand how that horrific night has become a proud moment for India. It is such a shame to celebrate this moment. Delhi ka crime aaj congratulatory moment bann gaya hai." Richa responded by asking him what did he do to lower the rape cases in the country.

"Actual crime ko kam karne ke liye kuch kiya aapne (What have you done to lessen the actual crime)? Shame on rape culture bol na, why the show? The industry is celebrating the achievement of a show made on the subject that won big internationally. Fix reality first. Many rapes, as brutal have occurred. You cannot deny reality," she wrote.

Other 'Twitter' users also responded by saying that the series showed the reality of the rape case that shocked the nation.

"Ya exactly, the show is just accurately reflecting the current condition of the state. What is wrong with showing the truth? That is the only way things will get better if people are aware of the truth about woman safety in Delhi," read a comment.

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