Richa apologises for 'bipolar' joke

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Richa Chadha apologised for joking about a person's 'bipolar' condition last year. Richa said that she had started understanding what mental health means and hence issued the apology.

"I think last year I made a joke about someone being 'bipolar'. The joke was borne out of a petulant desire to seem witty in even less than 280 characters. As I am now only beginning to grasp what mental health means, I just want to apologise and could not have said this sooner," the actor tweeted.

Netizens lauded the actor for her honest confession.

Commenting on her post, a user wrote: "It takes a lot of courage to accept the mistake. More power to you."

"No problem as we are human beings but still you are doing a fantastic job to raise voice against evil activities," shared another user.

"Only the person experiencing it knows the pain and suffering behind it. Even if they explain it to someone, it is hard to grasp mental health," expressed another user.

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