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Restoring hope and vitality in the pandemic era

Restoring hope and vitality in the pandemic era

Korean Cultural Centre India' is presenting its first virtual exhibition 'Belle du Jour' by the Indian young artist Guruvinayak Singh Budhwar to deliver the message of hope and vitality in daily life even in the pandemic era.

The exhibition started on June 21 and will be on view till August 21, 2021.

Through an online presentation with 26 painting works, the exhibition invites viewers to recognise themselves in the artwork and fall in love with aspects of their existence. In these uncertain times, this exhibition would be an attempt to revive hope and convey positive human sentiments among the audiences and may even assist them in understanding their inner complexities.

The exhibition's title is a French phrase that translates to 'Beauty of the Day'.

"It extends the idea of bringing home the emotions that resonate with us as we go about our days. I believe that everyone who has ever existed, human or otherwise, can find common ground when it comes to experiencing emotions and being alive and I tend to represent both these aspects in my art. Urges which we frown upon or the ones we appreciate, I have tried to present to the viewers of this exhibition," says the artist.

The exhibition displays 26 artworks that are from two different eras - one from when Guruvinayak first dabbled into surrealism and the other from what he calls the 'Triunity' era, in which one major element is repeated three times in the painting.

Guruvinayak's paintings have words of the soul written around the artwork. His artwork does not end at the edges of the canvas. The silk cloth that wraps around the mount is carefully chosen for each painting in a way that complements the artwork the best.

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